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Meet some of the agents who have contributed to the Accelerated Agent Training Program and learning materials. Each of these agents are considered 'leaders' in their respective fields and areas. A snapshot of each persons individual formula for success is included within the RTA learning materials for our students.


Jordan Williams - JW Prestige Agents

To excel in this industry; you’re going to need to be prepared to bring a lot of energyfocus and resilience to the table.


Most people are too afraid to invest into themselves. I believe this form of training is a huge jump start into the Real Estate industry. I actually wish it was around when I got into the industry 16 years ago, I wouldn't have hesitated to do it.



Invest into yourself and your career; It’s the smartest investment you’ll make, especially early on in your career.


Do the right thing by your clients, your colleagues, your principal, administration and sales support and competing agents - think of the long game.


Jordan Williams

Principal / Director / Licensee - JW. Prestige Agents

Leonardo Di Pinto - Place Estate Agents

There is no real change without real effort – this is my mantra – and I would recommend new agents to internalise this attitude before they begin their journey in the competitive real estate industry. For success as a new real estate agent, I believe passionknowledge & strategy are the key guiding pillars. But why?


Beginners need to channelise their passion, develop industry knowledge as well as build on deal-making skills and understand tactical strategy tools such as social media. 


Having a healthy social media presence is not optional in the world we have entered. I'm excited to advise on how to create quality content to showcase one's personality and love for property and sales online, to help new agents kickstart a rewarding career!


See you soon; Ciao!


Leo Di Pinto

Formerly with RE/MAX Australia and awarded the # 1 Social Media Marketing Agent 2018, 2019 & 2020.


Ian Carter - Century 21 Queensland

As part of the multi award winning, global brand of Century 21, Ian Carter is the QLD State Manager Century 21 Australia and his team have a focus on the growth, stability and success of agencies and agents throughout Australia.

Why they continue to grow, dominate and prosper; is that they focus heavily on the right entry into the industry; ensuring the person is best for the business before refining the skills it takes to succeed.

I've been fortunate to be apart of the real estate industry for more than two-decades. I've been a sales person, a business manager, a business owner, Auctioneer, a sales agent and sales trainer. I've seen all aspects of real estate and intimately know the hurdles that agents can face each and every day.


So what do I offer as advice to any person choosing to enter into one of the most challenging career paths in Australia?  If you're not prepared to train, to learn and to improve - you will unfortunately not succeed in this industry.


It's not like watching the glorified television programs and believing that you're going to make a million bucks tomorrow - it takes A LOT of dedication and hard work. Everyone thinks it will be easy - and it's not. But how can you make it easier on you? How can you improve your chances of ACTUALLY succeeding?

Real Estate Training Australia is how. There's no question.  We do not even consider agents for our business who have not completed this training program. If you're serious about real estate; invest in yourself. It's that simple.

Ian Carter - Queensland State Manager of Century 21 Property Group Australia.


Tate Brownlee - TB Real Estate

The hardest part of becoming a real estate agent, is the moment you realise that you really have NO idea what you’re doing. I listened to countless training podcasts and webinars to magically “jump start” my business and it’s no surprise they didn’t work, because there is no magic secret.

The unique "real life" approach from Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) helps you put your systems and practices in place and create the foundation of your business to really grow your early success.

I also love that they teach you to tap into your own resources to gain clients, like understanding your own personality, the way you say things and even the positioning of your hands - how it all affects your end results.


I assure you, if you listen to the team at Real Estate Training Australia and follow their training, you will be successful.


Tate's real estate career comes from pretty humble beginnings 15 years ago to now one of the industries top 2 per cent performers in Australasia as rated by leading franchise companies. The dedication and work ethic combined by his strong team gives Tate an incredible edge in the marketplace. His currently rated as the number one agent in Banora Point, Terranora and South Tweed as rated by


Tate Brownlee - Previous Principal / Owner of Raine & Horne, Banora Point. Now owner/principal of Tate Brownlee Real Estate (Banora Point's #1 sales office).


Shane Lowe - Real Estate Training Australia

Starting within the real estate industry as a 'new to industry' recruit, Shane left behind a career in construction to embark on new and unfamiliar territory. After being thrust into the real estate world within a 'sink or swim' culture, Shane quickly identified his need to swim. This ultimately led to a pathway into the corporate sector of real estate, where Shane was then head of training and development for new to industry agents.


Shane's real estate experience includes management, training & recruitment as well as a successful sales background spanning almost a decade. Shane understands the value in strategic planning, attention to detail and working as a team.


Real Estate can be an incredibly rewarding industry to work in.
When starting out, you must back yourself - invest in yourself, and trust that if you keep doing the basics, then success will quickly follow.
You are uncapped in this industry, so don’t over complicate it - have a plan, keep yourself accountable ,and continue to train and educate yourself because no one will ever know it all.


Shane Lowe - CEO of Real Estate Training Australia


Andy Camm - Ray White Group

From my experience, the first simple skills required to start in this industry are all personal. These being patience, persistence, great attitude and a desire to learn.


It is simply not a career that you can just "try out and see what happens" which unfortunately so many are allowed to do.


The best agents I have worked with have also shared another common trait and that is a high work ethic with a willingness to personally invest into themselves, learn, learn, learn and be prepared to do long hours. In fact most agents who personally earn in excess of $250,000 are prepared to sacrifice personal time and personal income, for the purpose of continued growth and development.


One more trait which I think is required and possibly the most important of all is prospecting - not just completing the activity - but doing it to the best possible ability... you need incredible mental strength and be willing and able to accept rejection.



Andy Camm - Previous Sales Manager of Ray White Caloundra Group.