Digital Media Dominance with Leonardo Di Pinto (RE/MAX Australia #1 Marketing Agent)


There’s never been a better time to get started in the exciting and growing real estate industry.

As you get started, I’m very keen to share insights and learnings from my journey to help you kickstart a promising career.

For success as a new real estate agent, I believe it is essential for you to channelise your passion, spend time developing knowledge of this industry. In the first year, you will benefit from developing deal-making skills and understand how to use tactical strategy tools such as social media.

I’ll try to keep this course as practical and actionable as possible.

I’m going to share some of my carefully formulated strategies, that helped me to win RE/MAX Marketer of the Year (Individual) award in February, 2019 and 2020.

I’m keen to share with you examples of how I have used tactical strategy tools such as Instagram marketing and use my digital brand to sell properties in under 3 months, in a market where it normally takes 24 months.

Before we get started on the how, I want you to ask you about why – why are you here? Why do you want to work in real estate?

Personally, I often get asked, “Leo, how long have you been working in real estate?”. My instinctive reaction to that? Oh, I’m not working; I’m helping connect people – those who are looking with hope for a home for security and a place they can live their best lives in, with those who are offering that opportunity.

2020 marks the 5th year I’ve connected people. When I say so, it’s often met with surprise. They say to me, “Oh, really, it looks like you’ve been doing this all your life! Why do you do it?”

Until recently, real estate was a mystery to me. Having studied architecture out of interest, I did always admire design, but I never witnessed the transactive nature of real estate as I grew up in Italy, where real estate is mostly inherited and rarely sold. Only after moving to Australia did I witness the nature of the real estate industry and found that these transactions are probably the most fulfilling career for me to get involved in.


One fine day I asked myself: what is it that puts almost all the people in the world in the same category, rich or poor? It is exactly that – a need to have a home!

I felt that that finding a home is probably one of the most ancient callings for humans – let’s look back into history and we’ll find tribes marking grounds for their families… finding their caves… a space where they can coexist, settle, grow, thrive. I know, there’s a lot in this statement!

I realised that through real estate could be a career where I can channel my best traits.

It’s a career where every day provides the opportunity for something new and the best part – a career where I could help change lives.

This is my why. I didn’t expect then that pursuing this would change my life too.

So, what’s your why?


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