Accelerated Agent Salesperson Training


Real estate is an amazing industry that can often be fun, immensely rewarding and also provide you with the freedom in your work, home and life balance that you may have always searched for.

But make no mistake; it takes a lot of hunger, determination, commitment, resilience and good old-fashioned hard work.

For most, once the thrill of real estate gets in your system it can be quite addictive.

It is often perceived that real estate is all about driving fancy cars, standing at open homes and collecting the big dollar commission cheques… And yes, whilst it may sometimes seem that way (and it would be nice if that was always the case), the harsh reality is that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Real estate has an extremely high failure rate. It may seem surprising to most, that the percentage of people that don’t make it through to their first anniversary within the industry is actually more than 80% of people who start in real estate.
Insane right?

There are many reasons for this unfortunate statistic. It’s often that people try to start within the industry with the minimal investment into their career; the simplest of qualifications, the lacklustre training and merely the regulatory industry, legislative understanding as a basis of their overall “knowledge” as a real estate agent.

Fear not; as with our professional guidance, advice, assistance and support – we endeavour to “flip the script” and make far more industry success-stories with our successful students.

Yes, simply completing a Google search will provide you with numerous opportunities for engaging in a real estate qualification, with the majority of them at a fraction of the cost of the RETA program.

So what’s the big difference?

Simple answer: The regulatory industry qualifications will essentially set you up so that you don’t get sued; it teaches you what forms to use, when to use them, how to complete them and where to write your name…simple right?


The really insane part is that most salespeople believe that this basic “introductory qualification in real estate” is more than enough to provide them with not only successful employment, but ongoing career success within the industry.


The analogy that we like to use here to best explain it is:

“If you were a builder, the industry regulatory qualification is like your hammer and nail-bag. It’s essentially your “tools of trade”. Unfortunately though, being provided just the hammer and nails doesn’t actually teach you or show you how to actually build a house does it? NO. To presume that by simply just having the tools of trade and no actual training, knowledge or skills; that you’re able to complete the role effectively and to the best of your ability, without the house falling over and your inevitably failing – is actually quite unrealistic at best. 


Therefore, the RETA Accelerated Agent Training Program is what we call your map, plans, blueprint and pathway to success.
With this information, we will show you exactly how to position the timber, how to hold the hammer, where to put the nail, what step to take next and ultimately how it all “goes together” so that you’re able to actually employed to build the house, finish the job, make it a success and ensure that you’re getting paid”


So congratulations on taking that first step towards your career success with this training.


Many people starting in real estate really don’t know what they are in for. They’re often initially “dazzled” by the industry superstars and think that they’re going to waltz into an office, property listings will simply appear from ‘thin-air’, they’ll quickly and easily sell them and they’ll make a million dollars.

Most really aren’t ready for how hard it will be to simply gain successful employment; to enter into one of Australia’s most competitive industries and strive as a relative success – even to just exceed the median annual industry income.

In a lot of cases, many people give up just before the fruits of their labour blossom… right before the hard work starts paying dividends.

Upon completing the Real Estate Training Australia ‘Accelerated Agent’ Training Program and it’s associated learning material; you will be more aware of what it takes to actually succeed – the duration it may take before you’re actually reaping the rewards and what steps to follow to ensure that you’re providing yourself with the very best chance of obtaining that career success you strive for.


Learning Outcome

At the completion of these modules you will know the following:

  1. Identifying Clients (Sellers)
  2. Understanding Behavioural and Personality Profiles
  3. Understanding Body Language and Verbal Tonalities
  4. Working with Buyers – Where to find them and what to do with them
  5. How to Prospect – Where, When, How, Why, What, Who
  6. Overcoming Objections – Buyers, Sellers and Everyone in between
  7. Negotiations – Appraisal, Listing, Contracts and Advertising
  8. Professional and Personal Accountability Program – How to get the results

Accelerated Sales Training


8 Lessons


28 Topics


8 Quizzes


25 Page Salesperson Blueprint


23 Page Win the Listing Handbook


28 Page Effective Database Management Guide


19 Page Guide to Creating the Ideal Week for Success


13 Page Guide to Effective Open Homes


Certificate of Completion