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Discover Your Dream Career in Real Estate with RETA's Accelerated Agent Training Program!

Are you ready to jump-start your career in the booming real estate industry? Look no further than the Real Estate Training Australia (RETA) Accelerated Agent Training Program. Designed exclusively for newcomers, this comprehensive course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel as a real estate sales agent.

Our dynamic Accelerated Agent Course covers the following crucial topics:

  1. Mastering Residential Sales: Learn the art of closing deals and exceeding client expectations in the competitive residential sales market.
  2. Exploring Property Management: Gain valuable insights into property management, broadening your expertise and career opportunities.
  3. Boosting Your Digital Presence: Understand how to effectively brand and promote yourself online, capturing the attention of potential clients.

Our program doesn't just skim the surface. We dive deep into the real-world strategies and techniques that top real estate agents use to thrive. From identifying prime locations and opportunities to skillfully staging open homes, we ensure you're ready to hit the ground running in your new career.

Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your real estate career with RETA's Accelerated Agent Training Program. Enroll now and transform your future!



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Our Difference

RETA is a family owned business. Every member of the RETA team has vast experience in the delivery of real estate training, or has worked within the industry in senior, or executive roles that have been instrumental in the training, development, and management of agents, property managers, and admin / support staff.

Our incredible team is infused with enthusiasm, positivity and a can-do attitude that makes working with us an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We believe in trust, integrity and customer service. Nothing is more important to us than the relationships we have with our team, our clients and our students.