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  • Nationally Recognised Training (RTO 45971)
  • Job Ready Training Program
  • Accelerated Agent Fast Track Training Program
  • Flexible, Affordable, Interest-Free Payment Options
  • Exclusive Access to Employment Opportunities
  • 24hr Online Support
  • Direct Student to Trainer Communications
  • A Library of Learner Resources and Support Articles
  • 1 on 1 Training Options
  • Assessment Completion Assistance Videos
  • Access to Professional Development Workshops
  • Access to Lifetime Industry Mentorship

Real Estate Training Australia (RETA)

we're improving the standard of new to industry training.

Our aim is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be successful in the Real Estate industry with our Accelerated Agent Fast Track Training Program.

Courses provided within the Real Estate Training Australia (RETA) website are delivered via a nationally registered training organisation (RTO# 45971) and are designed to be appropriate for persons with little-to-nil experience in real estate.

All modules, training materials, content and more, is designed to be easily readable and understandable, and is delivered to our students in a 'real world language' that 'cuts out' the confusing industry jargon you may find within other organisations.


Real estate offers such a wide variety of career paths and RETA is here to help you on that journey.

All of learning units are delivered by a Nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 45971) and comply with standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Our Accelerated Agent Fast Track Training program contains the core-fundamentals and robust training systems to have you job-ready and dollar productive on day one. 

Wirth more knowledge, more content and more confidence, you know you will have more likelihood of success.

In fact, Real Estate Training Australia (RETA) graduates have statistically been more than 70% more successful in securing employment than their competitors.

Our Accelerated Agent Mentor program provides RETA graduates with exclusive, lifetime access to a panel of industry mentors, trainers, and agents - where they can reach out for professional development, skills refreshers, role plays, scripting and dialogues and more.

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Our RETA graduates gain FREE access to the national network of agencies and agents that Real Estate Training Australia (RETA) work with. We service and support literally thousands of agents and agencies all over Australia and are able to promote our students for employment opportunities that aren't advertised to the public.

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We strive to support valued students by a number of ways:

  1. Student support messaging operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Student journey partners; dedicated team-members to assist each student throughout their learning pathway.
  3. Direct communication within the learner dashboard with qualified Trainers and Assessors.
  4. Creative student assistance within our Leaner Guides that directs students towards areas of information to locate their assessment answers.
  5. Online role-play assistance within a one-on-one digital classroom with our dedicated support staff.
  6. Webinar student assistance and assessment 'walk through' sessions.
  7. A library of student content, specifically curated to aid in the early development of skills, techniques and outcomes.

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Learn the fundamentals of real estate sales via our comprehensive training guide. This is just ONE of MANY additional training PDFs that are included with EVERY enrolment.

Did you know that

more than 80% of new to industry agents

are unlikely to succeed as a result of insufficient training?

Let's start that journey!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in the dynamic world of real estate? Look no further than Real Estate Training Australia (RETA), your ultimate destination for comprehensive real estate education and career development.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, RETA goes above and beyond to provide you with unmatched training, unparalleled content, extensive knowledge, and unparalleled career outcomes.

Read on about why choosing RETA is the smartest decision you can make for your real estate aspirations.





The QLD Registration Certificate is the perfect introduction to the world of real estate for those seeking to start their career in sales or property management.


The QLD CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice course provides you with the relevant qualifications needed to show any employer your commitment to this career path.


Upon successful completion of the WA CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice course, you’ll be qualified to work in any role within a real estate agency!


The NSW Assistant Agent Certificate is the absolute minimum qualification for any person entering real estate in NSW.


The NSW CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate licensing course is ideally designed for assistant agents who would like to obtain their Class 2 Real Estate Licence for NSW. 


If you want to work in the real estate industry, you’ll need to complete the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice for Victoria. 


If you’re new to the real estate industry then the TAS Property Representative Registration course is the course for you.

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The ACT Assistant Agent Registration Certificate is the perfect introduction for those seeking to start a career in real estate.


If you’re new to the real estate then the NT Agents Interim Registration Certificate (short term) is the right course for you. 

Why choose us?

We understand that staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices is crucial for your success.

That's why RETA provides an abundance of high-quality, up-to-date content to supplement your learning journey.

From in-depth articles and e-books to webinars and video tutorials, we offer a wealth of resources that cover a wide range of real estate topics.

Our content is meticulously curated by industry experts, ensuring you have access to the most relevant and valuable information.

More content

More knowledge

More training

More support

More employment outcomes


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