How to nail your Real Estate Job Interview (Don’t do what I did!)






Here’s a story. I was fortunate enough to land a position as a recruit in a huge Real Estate franchise, largely due to having some friends in the industry. Because of my friends, I thought the position was in the bag. I was confident, I was ready, and I was laughed out of the office on day one.

I obviously made some mistakes.

I turned up to the office on day one with a suit jacket, pierced ears, and fancy jewellery with a head full of dreams and aspirations. “I’ve got this” I confidently said to myself as I walked in the door and came face to face with the Principal who immediately shot me down from that tower of confidence when he simply told me to “Go home, and please don’t come back until you’re ready to work in this industry.”

I spend the day confused and had to reflect inward. How could this be? I had this job in the bag. For me, this wasn’t my backup plan… this was it. There was no going back to the construction industry that I had come from. I wanted to make money and see the success my friends had. I had a slice of humble pie, tidied myself up, and went back the next day to ask for a second chance which I thankfully got.

In learning from my mistake, here’s…

How to nail your Real Estate Job Interview

Appearance is everything.

While in this day and age, we shouldn’t judge people on appearance, a few things still ring true.

  1. You never get a second chance at a first impression.
  2. Dress like you have the job already.
  3. Wear a nice suit to your interview, and if you don’t have an interview, still dress in a suit when you introduce yourself to your prospective employers.

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Know the operators in your area (and stick to it)

  1. Stick to an operating area of say, 20 – 25 kilometres from your residence.
  2. Do your research and identify the agents that work within your area too.
  3. Agencies are more likely to hire you if you live within their area of operation.
  4. Identifying key agents also helps you establish Agents who may be good mentors for your journey.

Identify your Strengths

In my case, my strength was in tele-prospecting. I found that out rather quickly when residents would peer through their windows and lock the door as I approached. For some agents, door-knocking yields better results, but just because something works for an agent, may not work for you. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses will help you establish a game plan for securing business even before you start. Which leads to…

Know the role better than the competition

On day 1, I was told to go out and prospect… and I had to ask someone else what prospecting was. I went door-knocking at the wrong times, didn’t really know how to market myself, and thought I was failing faster than any agent in the business. Knowing the role before you take it can give you an advantage over other potential hires. It’s my experience of day 1 that helped us shape the free soft skills courses we add on to every course we offer here at RETA. Be job-ready on day one, and get that advantage over the competition

Be confident, not arrogant

You will be in charge of handling the largest transaction people will take in their lives, so you need to be confident. Nerves may get the best of you during the interview but if you stay confident by ensuring the above steps are taken, you will be able to nail your Real Estate Job Interview

Close the deal

Finally, close the deal. If your interviewer asks if you have any questions, close the deal by asking when you can start! Don’t be arrogant, but confidence in closing is a great way to show your potential employer you are ready to work for them.

Best of luck!

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