Payment Policy

Legal Company Name: Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited

Business Trading Name: Real Estate Courses

Australian Company Number (ACN): 643 550 270

Australian Business Number (ABN): 5864 355 0270


Payments (online):

Payment is to be made by the student in advance by purchasing the product or service that they have elected is most desired or needed for their individual purpose, through our secure online shopping cart in our WooCommerce system. Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) utilises encrypted SSL software via STRIPE to manage online payments and enrolments.


Payments (direct transfer / EFT):

In the event that a person / student wishes to enrol via EFT/Bank Transfer, Real Estate Training Australia (RETA) can send the student a payment request via invoice for their action and payment. This option may incur delays beyond our control, as bank transfers can (at times) be delayed by up to 7 days from the transfer. In the event that this option is requested, students will not be able to access their online studies or course materials until full-payment has been received.


Enrol Now & Pay Later - Zip | Money

Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) may also accept a students enrolment into the training programs provided, via third-party financial payment with their registered affiliate merchant finance services provider, with direct consumer finance provided by zipMoney Payments Pty Ltd.

The details for zipMoney payments are listed below for a consumer / student reference and review, prior to their enrolment if they so desire.

Copyright 2020 l zipMoney Payments Pty Limited • ABN 58 164 440 993 • Australian Credit Licence 441878




Once payment is received and completed - whether this payment is made in full or in part; whether the payment is made via credit/debit card, EFT or via finance with AfterPay, Zipmoney, HUMM or OpenPay; your purchase will be considered to be completed and you will receive an email to that effect with your unique LOGIN details to access your Student Training via our Secured Training Portal.

By placing your order on our website or via selecting the 'payment subscription option', you agree to our terms and conditions and that all sales are final.

If you use our financial services provider to enrol via 'payment plan or consumer finance'; we recommend speaking with the finance provider directly if you encounter any issues in your payment or in repayment of your finance agreement. It is encouraged and recommended that you also review the PDS provided upon request with Zip | Money, AfterPay, OpenPay, Humm or WizPay, as they are bound by the Terms & Conditions of the course and training provider; Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) and are not authorised to provide cancellations and or, refunds without the prior consent of Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA).



In the event that a student account is unpaid and remains unpaid after three (3) attempts at requesting payment from our company in no less than a 7 day period from issue date of the invoice, we [Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited] have no alternative but to provide your information to a debt collections agency to recover your debt.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon issuing this debt to a collections agency, any discounted fee of enrolment will no longer be applicable and the recovery amount will be reflective of the normal retail price PLUS any fees, charges and commissions incurred in the process of recovery by the debt collection service.


This process may also negatively impact your credit file / credit score. It may also prohibit your ability to obtain finance from any provider until the debt is paid and the default note is removed from your credit report.

Please also note; once this is passed on to a debt collections agency, the repayment of debt will no longer be directly with RETA and as such, an interest fee / charge may also be applicable. This interest charge is generally calculated at the highest interest rate allowance as stipulated by the recovery agency, which may have you re-paying considerably more than the original debt itself.

If payment is not received within 24 hours of the final notice of payment being sent via email (closing of business on the following day at 5pm), your debt will be provided to a collections agency for recovery at the retail price listed plus any fees associated in recovery.


Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) Training Course / Program Terms & Conditions may be found at Terms & Conditions

Legal policies for our online courses help our customers to understand:

  • how the course is run
  • the content and delivery
  • what to expect
  • their obligations regarding participation outcomes
  • a disclaimer about what the course will not do
  • request process for any potential refunds and cancellations
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property information


Affiliate and Referral Agreements

  • Enrolment process into these accredited courses is conducted by the team at Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) on the behalf of our student if and where necessary.
  • ZERO Commission is paid to Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) for any referral or affiliate accredited training program enrolment.
  • Payments to affiliate or referral course providers for the accredited training courses provided to our students is done so with receipt of payment directly provided to Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA); not to the student as their course fees and enrolment expenses are for multiple online course assessments in various online course programs which may not be identified in the accredited training providers payment receipt.


Tax information and or payment receipts

  • Receipts for student courses are provided directly to the student immediately upon their enrolment as an auto-transmitted item. If this is lost or misplaced, it can be provided upon request with Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RETA) and will identify all student enrolled course programs included within the students enrolment fee.