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To be a Property Representative in Tasmania requires registration with the Property Agents Board. In order to obtain your licence to work in real estate you are required to pass an exam with the Property Agents Board. The Property Representatives Course provides the underpinning knowledge to sit this exam.

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The TAS Property Representative Course (CPP41419), or the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice, equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to work within the real estate industry. This includes residential or commercial sales, property management, and auctioneering.

Upon completion of this course, students could potentially achieve the following career outcomes:

  1. Property Representative: This role involves liaising with clients to buy, sell, rent or manage properties. It often involves advising clients on market conditions, property prices, mortgages, and legal requirements.
  2. Real Estate Salesperson: This position is focused on selling properties. It includes conducting property research, advertising, conducting open houses, and negotiating sales.
  3. Property Manager: Property Managers look after the leasing, operation, and maintenance of properties, typically on behalf of property owners. This could include marketing rental properties, selecting tenants, collecting rent, and organizing property maintenance.
  4. Auctioneer: This role involves conducting auctions for properties. It requires a strong understanding of the real estate market, excellent public speaking skills, and the ability to create a competitive bidding environment.

Additionally, completion of the CPP41419 course could potentially be a stepping stone towards higher-level roles within the industry, such as agency management positions or real estate business ownership, with further study and experience. Please note that registration with the relevant Tasmanian regulatory body is required to operate as a real estate agent, salesperson, or property manager in Tasmania.

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