Refund Policy

Enrolled Student Cancellation & Refund Policy

Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) has a fair and reasonable cancellation and refund policy, which ensures that all student's have a fair and reasonable opportunity to request and/or receive a refund, if that request is in-line with the terms and conditions identified below in this policy.

Our objective is to ensure that, when required, a fair and equitable system for the refund of training course fees are available to students. We achieve this by confirming that any training activities undertaken by RTA are transparent and clearly defined below.


Upon confirmation of enrolment with Real Estate Training Australia you acknowledge the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Upon financial approval for student course fees via a finance provider, or payment of any deposit monies to the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA), the user is automatically enrolled into their online training and accreditation via both the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) and (if applicable), the requested licensing / accreditation course of the students choosing with any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) deemed most suitable by Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) and it's representatives at the time of the students enrolment.


Please Note: Upon payment of any monetary payment (whether this be an enrolment deposit or full course payment)or upon completing a Finance Application or by payment in part or full by Credit / Debit Card or Bank Transfer; the company reserves the right to abide by the laws identified by the ACCC and under ACL, to not provide a refund or agree to a refund request by the student.


Upon payment of any monies being received, whether you as a 'User, Student or Subscriber' has openly been accessing or using the Service or not, you agree to be bound by these Terms stated.

Payment of enrolment or fees, is considered an acceptance and acknowledgment of these Terms by you, the 'User, Student or Subscriber. Failure to have read and understand these Terms prior to your enrolment is at the full responsibility of the User, Student or Subscriber.


Pursuant to the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL) cancellations and refunds may only be given if the below criteria has been met:

  • Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) is unable to deliver a course for which a learner has paid fees
  • The student / subscriber has lodged (in writing) a cancellation request within 2 days of the day, date and time of their enrolment and have NOT logged into or accessed any part of their industry training. In the event that the student / subscriber has not lodged this request in writing to the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) within this aforementioned allowance of time, they accept to have waived their right for cancellation and/or refund of their enrolled course.
  • The student / subscriber acknowledges and accepts, that this allowance of 2 days from the day, date and time of their enrolment is considered to be the student's 'Cooling Off Period' for their course enrolment. This cooling-off period is only valid in the event that the accredited training courses provided by referral enrolment with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accepts these terms.
  • In the event that the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) has existing terms that are considered to be LESS THAN the terms provided by Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) and they doe not accept the terms of this cooling-off period; then Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RTA) and it's students / subscribers and clients will be bound by the terms imposed by the Registered Training Organisation as the lesser terms.
  • Should a student / subscriber log-in to the website of and whether they commence any part of their Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) courses OR NOT, or any part of the course assessments provided via a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as part of the student's / subscribers enrolment; the student / subscriber has hereby waived their Cooling-Off Period from this time.



DISCOUNTED COURSES PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND YOUR COMMITMENT - as all courses listed in our page are currently discounted courses, the below applies to all enrolments:

In the event the student has been provided and has accepted a discounted enrolment into the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) Training Program; they hereby acknowledge and accept without any further grounds for argument or negotiation; that no cancellation or refund will be provided to them, whether this cancellation and/or refund is requested within the 2 day Cooling-Off period or not.

Please note that Real Estate Training Australia Proprietary Limited (RTA) does receive a discounted enrolment fee via referral enrolment with it's official Nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered partner. This provided discount is hereby reasonable grounds to constitute a valid non-refund of the full price of the Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) accredited training course fees. This is further expressed in the penalties incurred by the subscriber / student for any agreed approval of cancellation and / or refund of course fees.


Please also note: The acceptance by RTA to grant a cancellation and partial refund of no more than 50% of the total course fees are solely at the discretion of RTA, its employees, management, directors and representatives. This decision, whether approved for a cancellation and refund or not, is ultimately final and no further negotiations will be entered into in any way or for any reasons.


Notwithstanding a learner’s rights under the ACL, refunds cannot be given for any of the following alternative reasons not prescribed as grounds for a refund under the ACL:

  • Failure to review and consider all information presented on the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA Group) website prior to enrolment - including but not limited to - the Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Cooling-off and Refund Policy detailed within this website.
  • Change of mind
  • Incorrect choice
  • Change of circumstances
  • Financial hardship
  • If you make a payment but want or have seen a different price elsewhere
  • Unwillingness or inability to comply with the requirements of a relevant course
  • Employer or organisation not accepting a government recognised course
  • Academic or general misconduct
  • Inability to obtain industry employment
  • Student obtaining employment outside of real estate and no longer requiring the course or accreditation(s).


Learners / Users / Subscribers and Students are advised to consider all information provided on the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA), including the FAQs, course information, resources, instructions, the Student Handbook, the Fees and Charges Policy, Terms & Conditions and this Refund Policy, when considering enrolment into a course.

Extenuating circumstances may allow for an extension of this timeline; but this decision will remain solely at the discretion of the Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) and their decision will ultimately be final. 


In the unlikely event that you do require cancellation and / or refund of your student enrolment and it is approved based on the aforementioned Terms; please note that a non-negotiable cancellation and administration fee of $450 will be retained from a Certificate of Registration course / Entry Level Training Program and a administration and cancellation fee of $750 will be retained from a Certificate IV or Full Licence course / Top Tier Training Program.

Par thereof the reason forfeiture of the above fees ($450 or $750) is due to the student having been provided Real Estate Training Australia (RTA) intellectual property by way of PDF learning materials and workbooks which are unable to be guaranteed to not have been passed on, copied or distributed in any way. 


If a student has elected to enrol into the RTA Accelerated Agent Program by way of the interest-free student payment plan, they acknowledge and accept that the recurring minimum weekly payments of $20.00 in addition to the minimum upfront deposit amount of $100.00 which have been charged by RTA in accordance with the student's weekly payment plan subscription and are completely non-refundable in the event of student cancellation. The student hereby also accepts that their enrolment into any accredited training courses and assessments will not be active until their course fees are paid for in their entirety (in-full). The student further accepts that they will not receive complete or unrestricted access to their learning materials or courses, until such time as their course fee's have been paid in-full (100% paid). This is non-negotiable. The student may receive partial access to their course materials, however this will be at the sole discretion of RTA and no exemptions will be made for any reason. It is the student's responsibility to action any additional payments to gain early-access to their accredited training courses and assessments by contacting Student Support ( directly to request a payment invoice. No cooling-off period applies to subscription or payment plan based enrolments and therefore, nor refunds will be granted or provided under any circumstances, as the student may elect to cancel their subscription at any time.

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