What Do Our Students Say?

We sincerely and genuinely value the feedback from all of our Real Estate Training Australia (RETA) students. Whether it be a small paragraph, a few words or a simple "thumbs up" - we love to receive feedback.

Receiving student feedback enables us as a business, to continually improve our client services in the ongoing pursuit of excellence. As honesty, integrity and ethical operations are in the core of our business beliefs; we pride ourselves on the open communication we share about all of our student's feedback.

We know it's important to new students also; so read through the comments and see for yourself why Real Estate Training Australia are regarded as the NUMBER ONE source for real estate training, accreditations and soft-skills programs in Australia.


Did you know that more than 85% of New to Industry candidates will sadly not survive their first year within real estate, without the proper training and support.

Due to this, it is essential to boost your probability of success, that you're well trained prior to embarking on this career journey.

more than

More than 60% of Real Estate Training Australia's students not only survive; but excel and achieve exceptional results and success.

Statistically; the student's who enrol and complete the Agent Accelerator Program are 3 X more likely to be employed and be successful.


More than 100 people each month are applying for a single job vacancy in the real estate industry (on average). 

Within Australia, the real estate industry continues to be one of the most highly sought-after career paths for people seeking new opportunities.

One of the most common reasons people desire a career in real estate; is that the income potential is truly uncapped. However, it is also completely performance based.

Ask yourself - How will YOU stand out from the crowd? How will you become successful?

What our students say


Review Submitted on June 17th, 2022 at 10:41pm by active student: BRAD RANKIN

I enrolled into the QLD Top Tier Training Program on 15th June 2022 at 6pm. I am absolutely loving this program - it's very detailed and educates in a 'real world' way.

BRAD RANKIN - Active student completing the QLD Top Tier Training Program.

Review Submitted on June 10th, 2022 at 6:30pm by active student: TONY LOPEZ

I have completed all three Accelerated Agent Training courses.
I found all the information through each module thorough. I found the second module to be tough and overwhelming as there were 72 questions but i got through it ok reading back on the information was helpful to recite.

TONY LOPEZ - Active student completing the QLD Entry Level Training Program.

Review Submitted on June 9th, 2022 at 2:07pm by active student: ANNA DREWERY

To whom ever this may concern 

hi this course is amazing. I love the way it is presented and set up, i was a little confused when i received my certificate but I found the other courses and they were just as easy to access. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this.


ANNA DREWERY - Active student completing the QLD Top Tier Training Program.

Review Submitted on May 27th, 2022 at 2:45pm by Real Estate Agency Business Owner: LUCKY TENNEKOON.

I have utilised the training services of Shane and the team at RTA on many occasions. 
I rate this company 5 stars for their learning material, support and service and encourage any agent, agency or individual to use their training. 
Highly recommended !


Lucky Tennekoon - Owner / Principal of Century 21 Stellario, Mount Gravatt (Brisbane, Queensland).

Review Submitted on June 5th, 2022 at 7:47pm by student: GRACE MCGREGOR

I commenced my NSW Entry Level Training Program and Assistant Agent Certification on Friday 3rd June. 
I rate this company 5 stars for their learning material, support and service. 
Highly recommend !


Grace McGregor - Active RTA Student (NSW Entry Level Training Program).

Review Submitted on May 29th, 2022 at 8:18am by student: LARISSA BROWN.

I commenced my QLD Top Tier Training Program and Full Agency Licence Certification on Thursday 26th May. 
I rate this company 5 stars for their learning material, support and service. 
Highly recommend !


Larissa Brown - Active RTA Student (QLD Top Tier Training Program).

Review Submitted on May 30th, 2022 at 8:04pm by student: LEE SUMMERS.

I commenced my NSW Entry Level Training Program and Assistant Agent Certification on Wednesday 25th May. 
I rate this company 5 stars for their learning material, support and service. 
Highly recommend !


Lee Summers - Active RTA Student (NSW Entry Level Training Program).

I started my real estate training and licensing program in November 2019. Real Estate Training Australia's team assisted me in getting through the course assessments very efficiently; allowing me to complete my qualifications in less than 14 days. I was then able to start work quickly and have since continued to grow as an agent, with the ongoing assistance and mentorship the RTA has provided me.


Abbigail Herrmann - Licensed Real Estate Agent.

WH Real Estate Agents


Since completing my real estate licence and training course via Real Estate Training Australia; I have been able to open my own successful business with the skills and knowledge that I obtained throughout my training with them. I cannot recommend the Real Estate Training Australia highly enough - if you're serious about the real estate industry - this is the best way to start!


Hugo Chan - Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Completing my real estate licence course with the RTA group provided me with the confidence and industry understanding to obtain prompt employment, to hit-the-ground running and to achieve great results in a very short period of time. Anyone serious about the industry, should seriously consider using the RTA group.


Brandon Hay - Licensed Real Estate Agent and Member of REINSW. 

Farquharsons Executive Real Estate

Entering into the real estate industry was relatively daunting for me - I was following in the family footsteps and there were big expectations for me to do well. I had heard from a friend about their start in the industry; how much success they were having in such a short time - so I followed their advice and contacted Real Estate Training Australia... needless to say; my family have been extremely impressed with my results so far. I highly recommend this company!


Alistair Sanders - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Sanders Property Agents


When people think of entering into the real estate and property industry; they often overlook the possibilities in government sectors. Having been qualified to the highest standard; with added extensive industry training also; it enabled me to be selected as the best applicant for the role within an executive opportunity in government housing. I honestly doubt I would have been considered without this program. Can't recommend them highly enough.


Jessica Halliday - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Department of Housing & Public Works

Property Management is often a role that attracts hundreds and hundreds of candidates - I was just another one of those applicants. For many months I had tried to get into the industry; always finding that someone else was "better qualified or better suited" to the role than myself. So finally, I invested into getting trained and qualified by RTA. At first I was hesitant due to the costs; but in the end, it was the reason I was chosen for employment by Raine & Horne - so it was totally worth the money! I'm now in my dream job and the course has already paid for itself. 


Sarah Mann - Property Manager

Raine & Horne Adelaide

I had been tirelessly trying to enter the real estate industry for such a long time - never having much success as most agency's asked for at least 1 year of experience to qualify for their office. I thought "how frustrating - I can't get experience without employment - but can't get employment without experience".

I was recommended to engage the training provided by Real Estate Training Australia as I have a friend who had gotten qualified through them and found employment quite quickly. So I got in touch and enrolled into their courses. I learnt so much more about real estate then I actually realised I needed to know - which massively helped me to get employed next time I was applying for a position! I was shocked when I was shortlisted and offered employment so quickly - I would highly recommend Real Estate Training Australia to anyone.


Megan Morrison - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Deca Realty

I've been in the industry for almost 2 years now and from what I've learnt in the lead-up to entering the industry; I would not have succeeded without it. I've personally seen a lot of people enter and exit the industry in just the short time I've been here - mostly due to a lack of knowing what to do. Having completed the courses and program via Real Estate Training Australia, I was able to start my employment with a far greater appreciation of what I needed to do to succeed. My biggest word-of-advice for people: "The licence itself won't teach you to be an agent, RTA training will - do it - you honestly won't succeed without it".


Ryan Mulligan - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Bayleys Estate Agents

I've got a few friends in the real estate industry; they all told me to get my qualification and apply for positions - they told me that a simple $500 certificate is all I need. How wrong were they! I spent the $500 and I was still struggling to get a job. I think I applied for more than 60 jobs in 60 different agency's; none offered me a position. I was almost going to give-up, when I decided to attend a Career Information Night held by Real Estate Training Australia. Sure, I was sceptical at first (who wouldn't be), but listening to the presenter talk about the challenges people face trying to enter the industry, it really "hit home" for me. I decided to give it one last "crack" and invested into the training program provided by Real Estate Training Australia - which also had me being presented to their network of real estate agencies also. Within a month of getting started, I had attended several interviews and accepted a role in a boutique business that suited me best and was close to home. Honestly, if I had only taken the advice of my friends I would have given up without success. I'm so glad I did the RTA courses; it's given me the opportunity I've always wanted and I couldn't thank them enough.


Tyler Purvis- Licensed Real Estate Agent

Royal Le` Page Property

I entered into the industry as a 'Junior Associate' and was fortunate to work alongside a more senior agent and learn directly from them. Being taught directly from another agent enabled me to see exactly what I should do, what I should say; how I should say it - it helped me to succeed. I was only given this opportunity out of more than 700 other applicants, because I had committed to the real estate qualification and training program provided by Real Estate Training Australia. I was identified as a high-quality candidate and my boss saw determination in me to succeed - I have loved my time in real estate so-far and I'm looking forward to the huge possibilities that lay ahead. Thank you RTA team for helping me get started in this industry. 


Martin Nguyen - Licensed Real Estate Agent

King & Wood Mallesons Real Estate

Upon leaving an industry I knew well, I was very apprehensive about starting in a new field, with no idea of what to do or how to do it. I had already tried many times to gain employment - but each time, I was having no such luck! I had applied for a position in the industry and was recommended to enrol with the RTA Group to complete my real estate courses and training - I was reluctant at first due to the costs - but I am so incredibly thankful that I did it. I still see people struggling to enter the industry even though they've gotten their qualifications; if it weren't for Real Estate Training Australia, I'm confident I would still be one of those people struggling to find employment. My recommendation - treat it as an investment in your future - do it and you won't be disappointed.


Anais Casey - Property Manager

Simic Estate Agents

Real Estate Training Australia provided me with the early understanding of 'how' to be a real estate agent. I started my course and training with them in January 2020 and within a matter of weeks; not only was I fully qualified, but I was also employed ! I can't believe how quick the whole process was and the team were very supportive in ensuring I was able to complete assessments quickly. Thanks team!


Courtney Winter

Licensed Real Estate Agent at REOM (Real Estate of Melbourne)

I originally begun my real estate training just like anyone else does; hopeful of a successful career ahead with prompt employment to get started. I had already missed out on many opportunities to start my new career, so I was quite nervous (but very excited) to dive head first into it all. From the beginning of my enrolment with Real Estate Training Australia, I felt completely comfortable - they called me to walk me through how to access assessments, calmed me down when I felt overwhelmed and even provided coaching to assist in answering assessment questions. I've since successfully gained employment with Ray White Augustine Heights as a Property Manager and Business Development Manager. I love my job so much and I'm grateful for all the help the RTA Group provided me.


Aroha Ngata

Ray White Augustine Heights

Let's be honest - everyone knows someone in real estate, they all have their own success stories of how they started and how they got to where they are now. Honestly though; most of them aren't true - it is really tough! I contacted the Real Estate Training Australia Group after a friend of mine kept telling me about their own success story. Of course I was doubtful - but I also know they have done well in the industry. So I thought, why not give it a try!

Since I completed my course and training through Real Estate Training Australia, I quickly found employment with Harcourts Avant-Garde and have been absolutely loving my journey so far! This is one of those times that I'm glad I listened to my friends advice!


Muhammad Khan

Harcourts Avant-Garde

The Agent Accelerator course has been extremely helpful in setting me up for the future. I have actually got a full-time job in Sales for a real estate company here in Perth with the help of Real Estate Training Australia. In my opinion, the RTA Training is the sole reason that I have been able to get the job as it prepared me for the interview process and the first few weeks on the job. 

Veljko Lazovic

Mark Hay Real Estate

So far, so great! I'm loving the in-depth program that is being provided by RTA Training. It's a great source to really learn about what being an agent will incur and I'm glad that I've chosen Real Estate Training Australia to kick-start my Real Estate Career!


Mark Paje

31st August 2020

Hello, I've recently completed my real estate training via RTA Group and found the training to be very useful to be able to understand and also prepare yourself for your career path. It allows you to be able to understand and utilise the skills learnt in the courses provided in real life to become successful in your role.


Jackson French

Dear Vicki,
Thank you for all your emails and support throughout. The course is amazing and I have finished all 3 courses.
The course was easy to navigate and very user friendly. The content provided was extremely useful and as I come from a sales background everything mentioned makes so much sense and very well described and explained. I am glad I chose your company to do my certification.
Ali Daresalamwala
Student of March 2021