Shane Lowe

Real Estate Training Australia (RETA)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


For more than 15 years, Shane has trained, tutored, mentored, coached and supported hundreds of real estate agents across Australia.

Having started his real estate career within a large franchise agency in on the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he began as a "new sales recruit", Shane was able to quickly identify his strengths and weaknesses and focussed his attention on building his Personal Profile, whilst also completing effective prospecting techniques to grow a Residents Network (database) in his core-operating area.


Within a relatively short-period of just 3 months, Shane had organically and aggressively grown his 'Residents Network' (database) to circa 2,100 people. Whilst the number itself may be looked upon as impressive in such a short period, what may be more impressive is that each person in this 'database' had been communicated with on at least 3 occasions, and had provided Shane with their name, address, phone number and email address. By end of month 4, Shane had achieved more within his 'database' than most agent's do in 12 months.


Fast forward 17 years and Shane has successfully operated as a top-performing sales agent, been appointed to Regional Management for a National Franchise Network and oversaw the operation and sales activities for three real estate agencies across Queensland, as well as having managed, trained, tutored, coached and mentored more than 114 high-performing sales staff collectively, during his time as State Manager for a major National Franchise group.

Shane went on to open his own real estate agency under a national franchise brand; which employed all 'new to industry' sales staff, and grew to be one of the region's top performing sales businesses.


Throughout his extensive career; Shane has personally seen and experienced a distinct lack of relevant industry knowledge, skills and understanding particularly those of foundational real estate techniques which he believes are 100% necessary for any person wanting to enter into the industry. 


It is through these experiences, that Shane developed the training and support programs within Real Estate Training Australia, with the vision to provide 'new to industry' persons with a far greater probability of attaining industry success.


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Shane Lowe - CEO of Real Estate Training Australia (RETA).