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In an industry where technical expertise meets the nuance of human interaction, mastering soft skills is not just an advantage – it's essential. Here at Real Estate Training Australia (RETA), we specialise in Soft Skills Training tailored specifically for real estate professionals.

Our meticulously designed programs go beyond the basics of buying and selling properties. We delve into the heart of what makes a successful real estate agent – effective communication, client relationship management, negotiation finesse, emotional intelligence, and much more. Each course is structured to equip you with the skills needed to navigate the complex dynamics of the real estate market, build lasting client relationships, and stand out in a competitive industry.

Whether you're starting your journey in real estate or are an experienced professional seeking to enhance your interpersonal skills, our training programs cater to all levels. With a blend of expert-led instruction, practical role-plays, and real-world scenarios, we ensure that you gain not only knowledge but also practical skills that can be immediately applied in your day-to-day operations.

Join us and transform the way you engage with clients, negotiate deals, and achieve success in your real estate career.

Your journey towards becoming a more skilled, confident, and successful real estate professional starts here!

Non-Accredited Courses (SOFT SKILLS)


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The Accelerated Agent Training Program is five (5) soft-skills courses that teaches the important fundamentals of real estate, the key foundations to any new-agent’s training that will undoubtedly have a major impact on their early career success.

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