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Accelerated Sales Person Training

Many people starting in real estate really don’t know what they are in for. They’re often initially “dazzled” by the industry superstars and think that they’re going to waltz into an office, property listings will simply appear from ‘thin-air’, they’ll quickly and easily sell them and they’ll make a million dollars.

Most really aren’t ready for how hard it will be to simply gain successful employment; to enter into one of Australia’s most competitive industries and strive as a relative success – even to just exceed the median annual industry income.

In a lot of cases, many people give up just before the fruits of their labour blossom… right before the hard work starts paying dividends.

Upon completing the Real Estate Training Australia ‘Accelerated Agent’ Training Program and it’s associated learning material; you will be more aware of what it takes to actually succeed – the duration it may take before you’re actually reaping the rewards and what steps to follow to ensure that you’re providing yourself with the very best chance of obtaining that career success you strive for.


Accelerated Property Management Training

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Property Management industry – the main one being that it’s an easy and often repetitive industry, which anyone can do.

In reality, it’s a rewarding but competitive industry that takes special skills and strong personalities – whilst it’s a fantastic industry that yes, anyone can apply himself or herself to – in order to be considered “great” it will take extra attention.

Being able to hit the ground running from day one will make you a strong candidate for any role; and that’s what you’ll gain with our Accelerated Property Management Training Program. You’ll now be privy to the years of experience, expertise, tips, techniques and recommendations that’s been compiled from a panel of Australia’s Property Management experts, all condensed into 7, self-paced learning modules for your benefit.


Accelerated Auction Skills Training

For any new real estate agent wanting to operate as an 'Auction Agent', we believe it is essential for you to spend time developing knowledge of this awesome part of real estate.

Generally speaking, real estate agents love Auctions as they provide structure, they encourage decisions and as an agent - you can almost predict your income based on the number of Auctions you operate each month.

Within this course, we provide students with fundamental knowledge of the Auction process to help them pursue their journey as a dominant Auction Agent.


Accelerated Digital Media Training

For success as a new real estate agent, we believe it is essential for you to channelise your passion, spend time developing knowledge of this industry. In the first year, you will benefit from developing deal-making skills and understand how to use tactical strategy tools such as social media.

We're going to share some of the carefully formulated strategies, that helped a Top Performing Agent to win RE/MAX Australia Marketing Agent of the Year (Individual) award 3 years running.

Within this course, we share with you examples of how they used tactical strategy tools such as Instagram marketing and use their digital brand to sell properties in under 3 months, in a market where it was normally taking around 24 months.


Accelerated Agent Profile Training

Welcome to the "Accelerated Guide to Building Your Real Estate Agent Profile" soft-skills course.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various strategies and techniques to help you enhance your profile as a real estate agent in 2023.

Building a strong and memorable profile is crucial for success in the competitive world of real estate. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to stand out, connect with clients, and achieve your professional goals.